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Well, after learning up on CSS and throwing together some temp graphics, this is the site so far. As it stands, the colors are a bit off and the header image is not quite done yet, but I am pretty proud of it. I got the NZ-90 a few days ago, it is an amazing little peice of technology. I was trying to post an image from it’s camera, but I could not get it to upload directly out of it’s memory. I know I can FTP it, but it is the principle of the matter! :D

I have been rounding up my old work, and I am working on a list of items for my reel. In no order whatsoever:
Mars Science Rover project
M1A2 tank project
Jet engine blowing up (movie)
The Castle project
The stupid renderman mech thing
Project Orion
maybe the beer project, if it is actually good.
I don’t think I am forgetting anything. I need to re-render out the ooold stuff, (speaking of old, I could put the plane project in from vsfx 110) and re-render most of the new stuff anyway. Hopefully the farm will be clear this week, as I need to get it “done” by sometime mid-week in order to have time to dupe it and get covers printed.
-Clive out.

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