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Card design Well, here is my card design. I paid a painful sum to have it printed, but I can call it an “investment” as opposed to “procrastination”. I am throwing my reel together over the next few days, I am going to keep it short and go heavy on the breakdowns. In other news, I have fallen in love with my clie: Sony clie NZ-90
Using it is like stepping into a beta release of the future, an episode of the Jetsons where the flying cars tumble from the sky at random and the shave-o-matic is close cousins with jack the ripper. Yet these significant and perilous kinks do not outweigh the benefits of robot maids and laser guitars.
Today, I needed to get Delta’s customer service number to clear up some arcane skymiles issue. I was at Crites, so I flipped out the tiny god and searched for an access point. I found no less than 10 SCAD WAPs. Upon connecting, I had to jump though of the standard hoops of mobile internet: In order to actually use the WAP, you had to point to and fill out your username and password, which secures roughly an hour of net time before you have to do it again. This does not happen on laptops, as laptops are able to have more than one browser window at a time, and thus a small popunder constantly refreshes the connection. In the case of PDAs, every so often you have to reset the login. Arduous as it may sound, a few seconds spent setting up shortcuts (macros) in the prefs lets you get down to business in seconds.
As for the business, it was only seconds later that I had found the number on the Delta site. Copying and pasting it to my address book was another second still. Then, to top it all off, I dialed the number on my phone using bluetooth, where I spoke to a robot until I was transferred to Bangalore.
I can email from it, I can listen to streaming mp3s and I can take 2mp photos with it. The device is a scant 2 years old, yet it was selling on ebay for a fourth of it’s initial MSRP. It is absolutely amazing, and for 200 bucks, you too can afford the future. Oh, did I mention that I can play my demo reels on it? or have the whole SIGGRAPH schedule neatly laid out in the datebook? Science and Industry man, amazing stuff.
Shuttle went up today! Good job NASA! I hope I can make it to the next launch.

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